HPDL Board Election

Ready to share your vision, voice, and heart with your neighbors? We want you to join our HPDL board! We have one open seat in the Page Neighborhood and additional At Large seats for a total of 4 vacancies. While all interested parties are encouraged to apply, we invite BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and community members from other groups that have historically been underrepresented in HPDL leadership. Our community can do so much more when everyone has a seat at the table!


To run for a board seat please attend the virtual HPDL Annual meeting and be prepared to speak up at the end of the meeting to introduce yourself and explain why you have interest in joining the board. The Annual Meeting is:

Wednesday, November 10 at 7 PM

After the Annual Meeting, the ballot will be updated to include residents who responded with an interest in running for a board seat.

The deadline to submit your information to run for a seat has been extended to Friday, November 12 at noon. 


Currently no seats are contested. Pending additional contested seats, voting will go live Friday, November 12 at 5 PM

Link to online ballot: Coming soon

Read about board candidates below:


Jim Meyer,

51st and Chicago.


My wife Ann and I are living in my childhood home again after 10 years in Farmington, so I feel I know the area pretty well. I’ve seen it change -- and not change much at all -- in 50 years residing here. I’ve been remiss not to be more helpful to HPDL, but my work schedule had been a barrier, and it’s always seemed in good hands. I’m more available now.


I was honored to be Councilmember Schroeder’s Ward 11 rep to the City’s first Racial Equity Community Advisory Committee in spring 2018. Sadly, that group struggled to find clear purpose and mutual understanding. I left mid-term (which was later than many did, actually).  I was also one of Mayor Frey’s mid-term appointments to a standing vacancy on the city’s Advisory on Aging in 2018, but I termed out when a neighbor showed new interest. I’d like to reconnect with downtown, and being an ambassador of HPDLCA might be the perfect venue.


I work overnights as an LPN at Veterans Home and was an entertainment reporter in town many years. However, without children of our own, I sometimes feel more personally connected to other parts of the city, less tied to our own school sites, or the nearby blocks that have undergone a major rotation. I’d love to become more personally acquainted to the young and old as a rep of HPDL. Lastly, I also share note-taking duties for the Third Precinct Advisory Council. I fully understand that policing in Minneapolis is a passionate and painful topic, but I've been impressed with new Inspector Sean McGinty and Lieutenant Christie Nelson as they’ve faced the public at live meetings of 3PAC. I feel I’ve built personal trust with them, without blind loyalty.


I commend past HPDL leads on their generous service, and I’d like to pay back. Even if not chosen for the board, I will try to be around more for HPDL and our strong, lasting community.


Frances Roen

I am a wife, mom, daughter, neighbor, and lover of a REALLY hot cup of coffee who recently moved to the Diamond Lake neighborhood.


I believe that neighborhoods are a unique collection of interesting and incredible people, and that creating community starts with caring for and getting to know one another better. 


A Georgia girl at heart, I am grateful to have been adopted by beautiful, snowy Minnesota. By profession, I'm a fundraiser with 16+ years of experience locally and nationally. When not fundraising, I can be found running very, very slowly around Lake Nokomis, playing dinosaurs with my son, chasing my crazy cat around the block, or enjoying a cocktail with my husband.


I look forward to connecting with and learning from my fellow community members through board service at HPDL.

Nathan Sterner

My name is Nathan Sterner and I am the oldest of 5 and grew up in Rosemount, MN.  I have been away from Minnesota since high school and this year bought a house in the Hale neighborhood.  I only looked in this area and enjoy walking along the creek everyday and love the tight knit community and friendliness of my neighbors.


I started my career as an Air Force Officer where I was an engineer working with space technologies and traveled to all 7 continents.  I then spent some time on wall street and then the last few years I have been involved in start-ups.  Most recently I was the first marketing hire of a start-up and we grew revenue over 100x in 4 years.  I have an electrical engineering degree from Marquette University and a MBA from Boston College.  I love being active with tennis, biking, and skiing, reading + learning, and trying new superfoods. 


I want to be on the board because I want to help continue to make our neighborhoods thrive like so many have done before me.  Some things I am thinking about is to promote 1) community + growth again after the long dark winter of covid; 2) Use my marketing + engineering backgrounds to promote our business community as well as increase our neighborhood profile on a local, state, and national level; then 3) continue to protect our parks and abundant natural resources. 

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