HPDL Gardens and Seed Library


The HPDL Triangle Community Garden was established through the City of Minneapolis Garden Lease program. The HPDL Community Association is a sponsor to lease this vacant city plot, and a group of local residents manages the garden. The funding provided to the garden includes $1/year for the land lease, $100 in start-up funds for the Little Free Seed Library, and donations collected from community members.


The plot had a decades-long history of informal use as a garden before formal approval by Minneapolis in 2018. The garden is located on 50th Street, between 10th and 11th Avenues.

If you have questions about this garden or the seed library, you can contact: hpdl.garden@gmail.com

Triangle Community Garden information pdf here.


Little Free Seed Library

Seed library pdf here.

What is the Little Free Seed Library?

The Little Free Seed Library was built and installed in 2021 by a local gardener to share resources with the community. This library is available to make it easier for residents to try gardening and to try growing new types of produce and native plants without purchasing packets with hundreds of seeds that a single family may not need.

  • Seeds are free. 

  • Donations are welcome! 

  • The gardening books are available for 3 day loans only. Please return books!

How do I use seeds?

The small tray labeled “Envelopes” has a small size of envelope that you can use to bring home seeds. You can write the details of each seed type onto separate small envelopes. Take enough seeds for your household from the library and place into envelopes. Use hand sanitizer. Bring seeds home and grow!


If you are looking for help starting and transplanting seeds, the University of Minnesota has an extension site with gardening tips. A YouTube channel from a Michigan gardener has helpful videos focused on northern climates.

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How do I donate seeds? 

Please consider donating seeds! As more varieties are included in the library, residents in the community can try more new things, both in gardens and in pollinator-friendly landscaping. Donations can be seeds that are purchased or collected and saved locally. You can place purchased seed packets in the appropriate labeled slot. If you have a supply of seeds at home and would like to donate some, you can take a large envelope from the “Envelopes” tray, fill out the seed details, and place seeds inside. Place envelopes in the appropriate labeled slot.

What types of seeds should be added to the library?

You can use the labeled trays as a guide to common seed types. If any slots have fewer options in stock, please consider adding to this area. Seed options currently include garden vegetables as well as flowers and native pollinator-friendly plants. Organic, non-organic, heirloom, or hybrid seeds are all welcome. 

How do I donate money?

You can donate money to HPDL Community Organization, a local 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization for seed purchases and other garden improvements. You can donate to HPDL to the general fund or specifically for the seed library using the Give MN donation system. 

What are good sources of seeds to purchase?

Gardeners currently purchase seeds from several sources: www.migardener.com, www.parkseed.com, www.restorationseeds.com, and others. We encourage supporting local businesses for gardening supplies.

Where have these seeds come from?

Current seeds have been donated by HPDL Community Association, the MN Green program through the Minnesota State Horticultural Society, and by gardeners like you!

How do I learn more about saving my own seeds?

Several local organizations offer resources to encourage seed saving, including Seed Sages, Seed Savers Exchange, and the Minnesota Seed Project. You can find information online and workshops are also offered periodically.